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Renew your wooden floors in Gants Hill

                                                                                    Concealing a tube station under a roundabout was a clever idea...


A wooden floor also puts timber to good use, in enhancing all kinds of properties, with its beauty allied to easy maintenance and hard wear.

When marks, scratches and worse damage have eroded that youthful sheen, it’s time for sanding and resealing...

So get specialist wood floor repair and restoration from:

                                                                                                          The Gants Hill Floor Sanding Masters

A family firm who’ve restored hundreds of floors for over twenty years.

Use our expertise to obtain the best advice..

And the complete service:

  • Resetting loose boards or blocks.


  • Replacing damaged or missing areas with matching material.


  • Filling in gaps for an even look.


  • Sanding away old paint or sealant.


  • Staining the bare wood to create a change of colour.


Ask us for advice on creating a bright atmosphere in your home or public building.

Fresh protection

Choose your sealant:

natural oil for traditional beauty

hard wax oil for harder wear

lacquer for the most-pressured areas.

Modern lacquers look natural, are water-based and perfectly safe for use in the home, kitchen and areas frequented by children and pets.

Forget about dust and disruption:

Any inconvenience to your domestic or commercial schedule will be minimal.

We can keep closure brief by working flexibly

        - at weekends or even overnight.

Allow us to move items of furniture and get rid of old carpets.

And we ensure 99% dust free sanding

- as collection bags stay outside each room of your property.

Work to the highest standards:

We use only premium quality stains and sealants - so your new floor will keep its looks and protection.

Our staff finish every job to the highest degree of workmanship.

After care:

Ask us for our advice on the modest attention your floor needs post-restoration - to make it stay in tiptop condition for longer.

                                                                                                          Commercial Floor Sanding

The floors in your building - whether an office, school, gym, shop, bar or restaurant -need to please customers, staff and visitors.

We’ll create the new surface to match your needs.

         Take the first steps towards your new floor -

Ask us for your FREE assessment today.

                                                                                             The Gants Hill Floor Sanding Experts!


Gants Hill Station of 1947 makes good use of its venue.  It was designed ten years before by the man responsible for so many modernist/art deco tube stations, Charles Holden.

And spare a memory for the Savoy Cinema whose first screening included Garbo in Queen Christina in 1934.  It became a three screen in 1981 and succumbed to the desire for flats by 2003.

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With over 34  years of sanding knowledge,
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assistance available 24/7

 020 3151 2260

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